What are Butler & Brewer tonic enhancers?

Butler & Brewer Tonic Enhancers allow you to flavour your next Gin & Tonic while still remaining true to what a G&T should be. Crammed full of citrus, fruit and botanical flavours, but with zero added sweetness, they’ve been hand crafted to put a range of sublime flavours at your fingertips.

It’s a contemporary retelling of a classic: no more sliced lemons and glasses crammed full of fruit salad and sprigs of herbs, we’ve concentrated all that natural goodness into a glass bottle you can keep on the shelf.

How do you use the tonic enhancers?

A: Add 4 dashes into your glass before topping up with 150ml tonic water. If you’re enjoying a larger glass, increase the serving proportionally.

This is a highly concentrated product and should not be consumed on its own.

What tonic water can I use?

Any unflavoured tonic water is great. Our tonic enhancers are great for regular and slimline versions.

What gin should I pair Butler & Brewer Tonic Enhancers with?

A: Honestly, with whatever gin you fancy – we’ve hand crafted all our flavours to pair well with any gin. Typically we would suggest not using a flavoured gin as it could get muddled and be a case of “too much of a good thing”. But life’s too short to live constrained, so go with whatever takes your fancy.

Follow our social media pages as we’ll be releasing regular flavour pairings that we’re particularly excited about.

What ingredients do you use in the tonic enhancers?

A: Our products contain only vegetable glycerine, natural flavourings and water. To ensure the natural flavourings can be dissolved in other liquids they are built on either a base of ethanol or propylene glycol.

What is propylene glycol?

A: Most flavour ingredients are oil soluble and so do not disperse in water. Since most food products contain water as their solvent, emulsifiers and carriers are used in flavours to disperse the oil soluble ingredients.

Propylene glycol is a food grade, clear, colourless, solvent, which readily retains moisture (hygroscopic). In most cases Propylene Glycol renders the flavour soluble in water. Propylene glycol, known as PG in the food industry, is very effective in dispersing oil soluble flavour ingredients. Another commonly used solvent is ethyl alcohol (ethanol) which also renders the flavour soluble in water and beverages.

What is the difference between flavouring and natural flavouring?

A: Flavouring is generally used to described flavours that are created artificially through the use of chemicals. Natural flavourings are where the flavouring is derived from the actual flavouring name source. We only use Natural Flavourings.

Do the tonic enhancers contain any sugars or sweeteners?

A: Nope, none at all.

Are they suitable for vegans? Are they gluten free and dairy free?

Yes, all our flavourings are suitable for vegans, are dairy free and gluten free.

Can I use these with soda water or lemonade?

A: No to soda water, yes to lemonade. As we do not add any sweeteners to our products, and as glycerine has a natural dryness, our product is definitely not suitable for soda water (in fact it tastes really awful in soda water). But they are great with lemonade, albeit that’s not their intended use.

Do I have to add gin or vodka to my tonic water?

A: No, not at all. Our tonic enhancers make for a great no alcohol drink, but the botanical notes in gin do make it resonate on a different flavour profile.


Hand crafted in Great Britain